Are E-Bike Batteries Waterproof?


E-bike batteries are extremely water-resistant, robust and well-sealed. This means you can ride your e-bike in any type of weather and you will not damage the delicate electronics inside.

The manufacturers of e-bikes have designed their products for use in all types of weather (except perhaps when roads are extremely icy, slippery or frosty). 

For an ebike battery to be truly water ‘proof’ you would have to be able to fully submerge it in water for some period of time. Of course there’s no reason to do that, so there’s no need for e-bikes to be water ‘proof’ according to the strictest interpretation of the term.

Put simply – your e-bike is not likely to get damaged if you ride it in the rain, hail, sleet or snow – as long as you follow a proper maintenance program.  

E-Bike Batteries Are Very Well-Sealed 

Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure that your investment in an e-bike will not go down the tube due to a splash or two of water. 

Realize that e-bike lithium ion batteries are robust, and they’re sealed to protect the electronics against damage from things you’ll encounter during your ride e.g. dirt, grime, sand, gravel, salt, etc. Even the most affordable e-bikes have well-protected electronics.

Once you learn to trust that manufacturers have ‘got it right’ you’ll be able to relax and enjoy riding your e-bike in the rain with confidence. 

How to Avoid Water Damage to Your E-bike Battery (Do’s & Don’ts) 

In order to prevent water from damaging the delicate electronics when riding in the rain here are a few do’s and don’ts: 

  • DO purchase quality fenders to minimize splashing 
  • DO consider purchasing a winter e-bike battery cover
  • DO investigate any possible splash guards
  • DO follow a proper e-bike maintenance program after each ride (see below)
  • DO wipe down your bike after every ride (no exceptions)
  • DO store your e-bike in a dry place (or get a bike bag to store it in if necessary) 
  • Do store any extra batteries you take on your ride in a waterproof bag (and double it up if necesary)
  • DON’T pressure wash your e-bike (no power washing). Think hand washing with a rag or sponge, and wiping it down with a rag. 
  • DON’T submerge your e-bike. Splashes and raindrops are fine, but don’t ever place your electric bike in a giant water tank, river, creek, or the ocean

How Should I Maintain My E-Bike For Riding in the Rain, Snow, Sleet Or Hail?

E-bikes require a slightly different maintenance program after each ride than a regular bicycle. 

This is because your e-bike has different components that do not play well with dirt, grime, sand, or salt – common substances you may splash onto your electric bicycle when riding in rainy weather. 

With even the most affordable e-bikes costing thousands of dollars you don’t want to cut corners on maintenance and risk doing unnecessary damage to your e-bike

With that in mind here’s what to do after each time you ride your e-bike.

Electric Bike Post-Ride Cleaning Tips (to Avoid Water Damage)

Wipe all parts of your bike down with a rag – including the frame, spokes and chain. This will remove any dirt, grime, sand and salt that may have accumulated during your ride. Do this every time you ride. 

You might want to oil your chain or use chain cleaner after you do your post-ride wipe-down. This is because your chain goes through your electric bike motor a.k.a. your controller, and any dirt or grime on your chain might clog up your controller and damage your bike. 

Also – store your bike in a warm, dry room overnight if possible. This will help dry it faster.

Think of your e-bike like a race car, and show it the love it deserves – like any dedicated pit crew would. 

Can I Ride My Electric Bicycle in the Rain? (Video)

The short answer? Yes!

Check out this video I found of 21 riders going for a ride in the pouring rain recently:

Can I Leave My E-Bike Outside In Wet Weather?

Yes, you can lock up your electric bike outside in rainy weather, and you can also ride it in the rain.

However – you might want to consider getting a bike cover if you are planning to leave it outside in wet weather frequently. Think of your cover as very affordable e-bike insurance for your battery and controller.

Also – you might also want to remove any LCD displays and bring them inside with you to protect against moisture.

The general principle here is to wipe down your electrical bike after each time you use it, and bring in any valuable components you don’t want to get wet.

Are E-Bike Batteries Corrosion Resistant?

Yes, your e-bike is designed to resist corrosion. However, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent electric bike corrosion.

First – consider using someting called dielectric grease to protect your e-bike electrical connections. This will help to protect against moisture and will also extend the life of your components.

Also, be sure to wipe off your e-bike regularly. This is doubly important if you live in an area with lots of salt in the air or on the roads.

Reassurance About Electric Bike Batteries In the Rain – A Story 

I was out for a walk with my wife in the rain recently and saw a group of people riding their e-bikes. It was raining pretty hard – typical for Vancouver, BC, Canada in the Pacific Northwest where we live.

We noticed that everyone was having a good time despite the terrible weather, and they didn’t seem to be worried that they were out in the rain on their electric bikes. Water was splashing everythere as they rode through puddles and they weren’t concerned at all. 

Before I got my first e-bike I was definitely skeptical about whether it would be fully waterproof or not.   

Then I remembered that electric mopeds and other electric vehicles have been around for a long time, and engineers are very good at what they do when it comes to making electronics water resistant enough to enable use in the rain.

This gave me the reassurance I needed to go for a ride on my e-bike in the rain.

The next time you feel the urge to ride an e-bike in the rain just go for it!

Have fun, and be sure to share your stories with us!



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