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Are you a weekend warrior looking for an affordable electric bike for fun, easy weekend rides?

If yes, you have come to the right place! 

At E-Bike Troop we do reviews a bit differently. Instead of just listing a bunch of boring technical specifications we focus on YOU and your needs first before mentioning any product information.

The end result is you will know EXACTLY if, and why, this is a good product for you. 

To start our journey today let’s talk about your needs.

About You

The following tables are meant to help you outline your exact needs.

Let’s get started with the type of riding you’ll be doing.

Type of Riding 

Are you wanting to do long crazy electric bike rides or easy short ones? Your answer to this question will determine whether the Nakto Camel electric bike is for you.

Type of RidingSuitable? (Y/N)
Easy weekend ridesYES
Casual cruisesYES
Light errandsYES
Demanding daily commutesNO
Hardcore mountain biking / offroadNO

If the types of rides you want to do would be ideal for a cruiser-style electric bike with a low step-through design (easy to get on / off) then keep reading!

Ride Distance

How far will your average e-bike ride be in kilometres or miles? This is another critical factor that will determine if the Nakto Camel with its 36V (volt), 10AH (amp hour) lithium battery and 250W (Watt) motor / controller will be sufficient for your needs.

MilesKilometresSuitable? (Y/N)
5 8 YES
10 16YES
15 24 YES
20 32 YES
25 40 YES
30 48 NO* – but may be possible with reduced throttle use

The manufacturer’s website mentions that the maximum average riding distance is 20-25 miles (35-40 kilometres). The Nakto Camel e-bike excels at rides in that range, so it might be right for you. Sound good? Read on!

Hill Grades 

How steep and long will the average be that you are planning to ride up?

The Nakto Camel performs best for lighter weight riders (under 240 pounds or 108 kilograms), so if you fall outside that range you’ll need to get an electric bike with a bigger motor / controller – ideally 500 watts or more (within the limits of what’s legal in your jurisdiction).

Hill GradesSuitable? (Y/N)
Moderate YES
Steep YES – for lighter riders & shorter distances only
Ultra SteepNO

If you are a heavier rider wanting to do multiple long, steep hills on a regular basis you’ll want to look for a more expensive electric bike with a bigger motor / controller as this product is not for you.

Charging Time

With current limthium battery technology electric bike batteries require a number of hours to charge fully.

The Nakto Camel cruiser electric bike is ideal if you are comfortable with charge times in the 4-6 hour range – as seen below:

Charging TimeSuitable? (Y/N)
1 hour NO (takes longer)
2 hoursNO (takes longer)
3 hours NO (takes longer)
4 hours YES (enough time) *
5 hours YES (enough time)
6+ hours YES (enough time)

* According to the manufacturer the average charge time for the Nakto Camel is 4-6 hours.

Budget (USD)

How much are you looking to spend on your electric bike?

If an affordable e-bike under $800 USD sounds good then the Nakto Camel may be for you, so keep reading!

Budget (USD) Suitable? (Y/N)
< $500 NO
$500 – $999YES
$1,000 – $1,999YES *
$2,000+NO *

Note – for an electric bike that costs less than $800 USD you won’t get components and accessories that are found on more expensive e-bikes in the $2,000 – $3,000 range.

However – if the type of riding you are doing doesn’t require expensive components then the Nakto Camel could be a good option for you (and your significant other if you’re looking to purchase more than one e-bike).

Rider Height

As long as you aren’t extremely tall or super short the Nakto Camel has an ergonomic design that will be comfortable for riders of most shapes and sizes:

Feet & InchesCentimetresSuitable? Y/N

The Nakto Camel electric bike, for women, is easy to mount and dismount thanks to its low step-through design (no high horizontal frame or tube to climb over awkwardly).

Rider Weight

We mentioned before that every electric bike will have an ideal rider weight range, and the Nakto Camel is no exception:

PoundsKilograms Suitable? (Y/N)
100 lbs 45 kgYES
150 lbs68 kgYES
200 lbs90 kgYES
250 lbs 113 kgNO *
300 lbs + 136 kgNO

The moral of the story?

If you are a light to medium weight rider looking for a casual use e-bike the Nakto Camel can provide good value for money.

Rider Age

You’ll have to use your own judgement when it comes to rider age.

We’ve heard stories of senior citizens aged 80 and higher who ride electric bikes on a regular basis as way to get exercise, stay fit, have fun, and go on adventures.

The Nakto Camel is ideal for riders who are old enough and tall enough to ride safely – with common sense.

Rider Age Suitable? (Y/N)
0 – 14 years oldNO
15 – 29 years oldYES
30 – 49 years old YES
50+ years oldYES

Rider age is less important than height, weight and maturity, so use your own judgement when it comes to buying this electric bike for very young riders under age 14 or senior citizen e-bike riders over the age of 80.

Storage Method

How do you plan to store your e-bike?

This factor can determine whether an electric bike, specifically the Nakto Camel, is right for you.

Storage Type Suitable? (Y/N)
On the ground (roll in)YES
Up a ramp (roll in)YES
On a wall (lift up) NO *

Electric Bikes are ideal for people who want to store them on flat ground, and have easy access to the storage location.

If you have to climb flights of stairs or lift an electric bike to store it on the wall then the Nakto Camel may not be the ideal solution for you.

Lighter e-bikes tend to be more expensive – expect to pay a few thousand dollars for electric bikes in the 35-50 pounds (15-22 kilograms) range that are light enough to lift up onto a wall mount.

The Nakto Camel is an entry level, budget e-bike in a cruiser style for riders who want to do casual rides and have easy access to a dry, safe and secure storage location.


What level of quality are you looking for in an electric bike?

If you are just getting started and have a budget of $800 USD or less then the Nakto Camel deserves to be on your list.

Quality LevelSuitable? (Y/N)
Affordable, entry levelYES
Value orientedYES
Mid range NO
High endNO
Ultra high end NO

If you are an advanced cyclist seeking an electric bike for the most demanding applications (intense daily commutes, mountain biking, off-roading, etc) then the Nakto Camel may not be for you.

Now that we have outlined your needs let’s examine this electric bike in more detail to see if it’s the right one for you!

Nakto Camel – Key Features

Affordable You’ll own an electric bike for less than $800 USD
Step-through designYou’ll have no problem getting on and off
Bonus accessoriesYou’ll save even more money
Attractive designYou’ll turn heads when cruising in style
Ideal for womenDesigned to fit you

Now that you have a better understanding of the most attractive features and benefits for this product we’d like to save you plenty of time by bringing you answers to commonly asked questions.

Note – for you technically-minded readers – if you want to skip dirctly to the specifications you can find them at the end of this review (scroll to the bottom).

Read on! to learn more!

What’s Included

  • Bike
  • Battery charger
  • Battery (removable)
  • A Toolkit for assembly
  • Owner’s manual
  • A front basket (bonus accessory)
  • Front and back fenders (bonus accessory)
  • A rear bike rack (bonus accessory)
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

What’s NOT Included

  • Hydraulic disk brakes (for heavy duty riding e.g. offroad, mountain biking, intense daily commute)
  • Handlebar display showing info such as your speed (you do get a battery level indicator though)
  • Thumb throttle (you get a handle throttle)

Pros (Advantages)

  • Decent option for an entry-level electric bike for casual use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to get on and off (so it’s suitable for women)
  • Stylish, looks good
  • If you’re willing to deal with the trade-offs (and there are some) this electric bike provides good value for money

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Bike comes 95% assembled (to avoid damage during shipping) – you’ll need to assemble the front wheel and handlebar (easy for a technical friend or family member to help you with)
  • Lacks some of the features of more expensive electric bikes (disk brakes, speedometer on display, higher battery wattage, longer range, lightweight frame)
  • Not suitable for the most demanding riding applications (long, steep daily commutes, offroad usage, mountain biking)
  • Other than the Shimano 6 speed derailer (aka gear shifter) the parts are from generic brands
  • This bike might seem ‘cheap’ to you if you’re looking for a high-end, expensive electric bike with all the bells and whistles
  • We think using the word ‘Camel’ for an electric bike is a bit weird, but that won’t have any impact on this product’s ability to perform for you and get you from A to B quickly, safely, and enjoyably.

The Bottom Line

If you are in the market for an affordable electric bike under $800 USD then the Nakto Camel (#ad) deserves serious consideration.

Your Next Step

Ready to continue researching this product?

Head over to Amazon to check the price and see what other riders think about the Nakto Camel:

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Nakto Camel Women’s Electric Bike

What Bonus Accessories Are Included?

See the ‘What’s Included’ section to learn more about what you’ll get.

Is the Nakto Camel a ‘Good’ Electric Bike For Senior Citizens?

Assuming you have easy access to a safe, secure storage area such as a garage on level ground then this electric bike may be a decent option for you.

If your budget is $2,000 USD or higher you may want to look at a higher end electric bike as they can be lighter.

How Does the Nakto Camel Compare to Other Electric Bikes Under $800 USD?

At this price point you will be making tradeoffs.

It’s impossible to get a $3,000 electric bike for less than $800, so make sure you know what the pros and cons of this type of e-bike are.

Any electric bicycle at this price will have similar features, so pick which ones are most important to you and use that as the basis of your buying decision.

How Many Years Will The Nakto Camel Last?

The answer to this question depends on where you live and your type and amount of riding.

Things like salt from the ocean and icy roads can shorten the life of any bike – electric or otherwise.

If you do casual weekend riding and don’t expose the e-bike to too much salt it could last you many years.

Are the Brakes Any Good?

With this e-bike you won’t get hydraulic disc brakes like you would with more heavy-duty, expensive electric bikes that cost many thousands of dollars. However – you will get brakes that acceptable for normal rides. If disc brakes are a ‘must-have’ then you can always get them installed afterward at a local bike shop.

Now that we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions we’d like to share some nitty-gritty technical specifications about the Nakto Camel – an affordable electric bike for women.

Technical Details

The following are specifications for the Nakto Camel electric bike, so get ready for some seriously detailed information:

Product AttributeDetails
E-Bike motorRear hub, 36 volts, 250 watts
Battery36V (volt), 10AH (amp hour) lithium battery
Charging time4-6 hours
Riding rangeUp to 25 miles (40 kilometres) *
Display typeLED sensor
SensorSpeed sensor
Battery lifeUp to 1,000 cycles (aka charges)
BrakesFront V brake, rear expansion brake
Max weight242 pounds (110 kilograms)
FrameSteel frame
Weight68 pounds (30 kilograms) with battery
Tire size 26 inches (66 centimetres)
Derailer 6 speed Shimano (rear gear)
LightsFront LED light
ReflectorsRear reflector
Wiring Waterproof connectors and wiring harness
Throttle Pedal assisted, on-demand throttle
Speed limitVaries by jurisdiction (obey local laws)
Warranty1 year manufacturer’s warranty


* Range estimates depend on rider and towing weight, wind speed and terrain.

Recommended Products

For each electric bike review we recommend additional products that we think will improve your e-biking experience.

Here are some accessories that go well with the Nakto Camel.

Roam Universal Phone Mount For Electric Bikes

The Nakto Camel does not come with a comprehensive handlebar display (e.g. to show your speed in kilometres per hour or miles per hour). For that reason, we suggest that you consider buying a mobile phone mount for your electric bike.

The Roam Universal Phone Mount (#ad) for your e-bike has over 10,000 reviews and excellent ratings at the time of publishing on Amazon, so check it out!

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Go Pro Hero 8

Want a ‘dashcam’ to record some of your adventures to show your family and friends?

Interested in making time-lapse videos of your electric bike expeditions?

Consider buying the Go Pro Hero 8 (#ad) – it makes an excellent addition to any electric bike setup!

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Waterfly Rear Bike Bag / Panier

Want to take along extra clothes, gloves, food, water or other cargo during your rides?

You’ll want to look into getting some a high quality, waterproof rear bike bag (aka pannier).

The Waterfly 25 litre bike bag (#ad) is fully waterproof and has plenty of room to store anything you want for your longest electric bike rides, so have a look on Amazon!

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